Robbie Williams - Feel (Radio Edit)

I was bored, and so I decided to have a go at making a short (radio) edit of one of my favourite songs ever by Robbie Williams: The 90's.

Of course I love the song and I don't care how long it is but I wanted to cut out some bits of what I felt was uneccassary music, so that's what I did! Altogether, I cut off around a minute off the whole track in the end which is pretty good, I think!

Might be a good idea to listen to the original before/after this so you can see what i've done!

Music video was relatively simple to make, I just made a quick montage with clips of Rob and Take That in!

Really hope you like what I've done! ♥

* Sorry, youtube has messed up the synchronisation AGAIN!
* Couple of dodgy edits on the clips i've just seen! Sorry.

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