Florrie - Real Love

Florrie - Real Love (2016)

Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics):

It’s so hard to read (you’re the master of disguise...)
In your old blue jeans, you give me truth, you give me lies
You’re a mystery, but it’s exactly what I like
What I like...

I can’t pin you down, you’re like catching open air
You make me laugh out loud, lying in your underwear
On your leather couch, I just wanna keep you there
Keep you there

'Cause all the voices in my head
Are pushing me right to the edge

If this is real love
Beating like a thousand drums
It’s burning like the hottest sun
If you’re the only one I want
I want, I want real love
Hit me like a hurricane
I feel it running through my veins
If you’re the only one I want
Want, want, want

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