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Wiz Khalifa - Zoney

Wiz Khalifa - Zoney (2016)

Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics):

Yeah it’s real shit
Let me roll this weed up and wrap this shit, you know
Too much purple for me

Uh, coming up I always thought I’d be the runner up
Gave my all but it felt like it wasn’t enough
I remember spending summers in the studio
My pops told me have fun be a kid for once
What he ain’t know, was for a kid a that I had big dreams

I take a small frame turn it into a big screen
Taking best friends turn them to a good team
I’m watching Scarface living all the good scenes
Burning dope thinking about the days when I was broke
Desperate niggas in my city don’t know how to cope
Young nigga said he starving he ain’t got a meal

Down to catch a body all about a dollar bill
My niggas is all I got so it’s more than trust
We ain’t even have a car we was on the bus

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