Noah Gundersen - Show Me The Light

Noah Gundersen - Show Me The Light

Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics):

I watched you watching Dylan like you’re watching a saint
And I could not help but notice everything he is I ain’t
So I filled up every notebook I could put to my hand
Hoping that you would not notice I was a boy and not a man
Back then

Singing you to sleep and making you laugh
Gave me a reason to work on my craft
Now that I’m older I finally see
You were the worst and the best thing that happened to me

I watched you watching Jesus like you’re watching a star
Started praying you’d find room for both of us in your heart
But the more I tried the more I’d find I could not pretend
To give a damn for your religion or for all your shitty friends
Back then

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