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Lawson - Money

Lawson - Money (2016)

Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics):

Imagine if money just grew on trees
I would spend the whole day planting seeds
I wish that I could give you everything
And treat you to the world's most beautiful things

I know you don't ask for nothing
You don't want material
But I want to show you heaven
And you know someday I will

I'd give you every diamond ring
Get that beach house by the sea
We'd be living like kings and queens
If I had money, money, money
Give you every pair of shoes
Saint Tropez on a yacht we'll cruise
We'd have nothing in the world to lose
If I had money, money, money

I know that being rich can't buy your love
Even if we're broke we won't give a fuck
You and me will always be enough
But you know I ain't giving up

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